You Need To Get Rid Of The Location Where Access Is Denied As A Template Problem

Updated: ASR Pro

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    These instructions will help if you’ve seen forbidden storage as a template. To solve this problem, we need to guarantee custom scripts. Here’s how to fix the “Access Denied” error at the top of the “Save Site as Template” section. Set the options “Allow users to run user-defined canceled programs on their personal website” and “Allow users to run user-defined scripts from websites they themselves create.” Click OK to save your changes.

    Role = “main”>


    How do I save a website as a template?

    Click on the basic settings wheel (upper right corner)Click Resource Site Settings (if classic) or Site Tips> Show All Site Sets (if modern).Select Save site as template under Site Actions.

    According to his article, you need to use PowerShell to solve this problem.

    First, open SharePoint Powershell again and enter the following:

    access denied saving site as template

    Connect-Sposervice-URL “”

    Define a site “ / url “-denyaddandcustomizepages 0

    Once ours is ready, you can probably save the website as an online template